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Bernet Elzinga

Professor Bernet Elzinga, Professor of Stress-related Psychopathology at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Bernet Elzinga

Bernet Elzinga (1970) is a professor in the unit of Clinical Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University, the Netherlands. She obtained her PhD cum laude from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and was a visiting research fellow at Yale University. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on the influence of trauma/acute stress on brain structures and functions related to emotion and memory in both healthy individuals and patients with stress-related disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, and Borderline Personality Disorder). She also investigates (genetic) risk and vulnerability factors and the intergenerational transmission of childhood abuse. Besides her research, she is involved in the interdisciplinary minor in 'Child Abuse and Neglect, a lifetime perspective'.

Key publications