Universiteit Leiden

Bryant Jongkees

Bryant Jongkees, MSc., PhD student in Cognitive Psychology at the institute of Psychology at Leiden University
Bryant Jongkees

Bryant Jongkees completed his Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and is now working on his PhD at the Cognitive Psychology Unit at Leiden University. His research and teaching focuses mostly on dopamine function in the brain and how dopamine influences the efficiency of and balance between persistent and flexible processing states. On the one hand he is interested in fundamental knowledge of dopamine’s widespread impact on brain and cognitive function, but his second focus is how to use this knowledge for the purpose of cognitive enhancement. Specifically, he is interested in the optimization of biological and cognitive processes in a way that is tailored to individual differences and needs. In his research he uses a variety of methods ranging from food supplementation and brain stimulation to magnetic resonance imaging and machine learning.

Key publications