Universiteit Leiden

Lorenza Colzato

Dr. Lorenza Colzato, Principal investigator in Neuromodulation of Cognition at Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Lorenza Colzato

Lorenza Colzato is principal investigator in the Cognitive Psychology Unit. Her early scientific work on long-term negative cognitive effect of the recreational use of cocaine has opened a new research line in the field of psychopharmacology, resulting in follow up studies by other labs and several invited talks. In broad outline her research aims to understand the neural and neuromodular underpinnings of cognitive control in humans. This involves the investigation of all kinds of factors that might predict, impair, or enhance people's control abilities, such as genetic disposition, food supplementation, video-game practice, drug use, stress, emotions, working memory capacity, hormones, dopaminergic baseline levels, or religious belief. She has published over 130 articles in peer-reviewed international journals. Her research contributions have been awarded a NWO VENI and VIDI grant, as well as a JPI "A Healthy Diet for A Healthy Life" Joint Transnational grant.

Key publications