Universiteit Leiden

Saskia Heijnen

Saskia Heijnen, PhD student in Cognitive Psychology at the institute of Psychology at Leiden University
Saskia Heijnen

Saskia Heijnen obtainer her Master's degree (Research) in congitive neuroscience at Leiden University, and started her PhD under Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hommel in 2016 within the ERC-funded project on metacontrol state: the balance between persistence and flexibility. She studies whether and to what extent metacontrol state can be manipulated or even trained, and to what cognitive domains this training transfers. How does one acquire a tendency to be persistent rather than flexible, and vice versa? Can this tendency be reversed? If so, for how long does this reversal last? What else is affected by the reversal? 

Next to psychology, Saskia takes an interest in philosophy, and after having taken two philosophy courses during her (under)graduate studies, decided to start a premaster, to be followed by a master Philosophy of Psychology.